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Latin American countries at VII InterEcoForum


Less than in a month we will celebrate VII InterEcoForum in Marbella and this year is aimed at the New Trends in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Goals in the Energy Sector. We are happy to announce that Mr. Marcelo Cabrera joined us as Director of Development in Latin America.
Marcelo Cabrera is Argentine and has lived in Marbella for more than fifteen years. He has extensive experience and knowledge of the current Latin American market and the business opportunities that are presented there for investors and European companies, which trying to set up the business there.
He has been part of multidisciplinary work teams for market prospecting, implementation strategies, search for new market niches and presentation of projects to local authorities in different sectors of the economy.
Currently, he also plays representation roles for Latin American producers in different markets of Central Europe, Eastern Europe and North Africa.
The Latin American market is constantly growing and presents multiple options for investors and foreign companies in the sectors of renewable energy, sustainable tourism, Smart cities, etc. They are exporters of raw materials to the rest of the world, so our Forum also allows them to contact directly with executives of multinationals, investors, investment funds and public bodies from different countries, in a framework of exchange of experiences and networking.