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SWISSCRYP® was created in 2017 to provide users with an amazing online platform for participating in the mining of a variety of cryptocurrencies. The ease-of-use and state-of-the-art features of our platform have led to a significant expansion of our customer base, giving us the inspiration to open up new mining farms.
Our company is led by a solid management team, shouldered by brilliant programmers and engineers, all sharing the same vision and belief in the rising digital currency.  Our collective ambition is to help drive the development, establishment and acceptance of cryptocurrencies – not only as a currency, but also as new economy.
With our experience of the past years in mining digital currency, we have understood the need for safe, effective and prompt mining services in the industry, capable of quick adaptation to the fast evolving cryptocurrency market.  We also recognised the need to make mining accessible to an expanding pool of clients, regardless of their location, budget or technical knowledge.
Our desire is to make you an active participant in this growing community, by providing our customers with a gateway the best cryptocurrency mining capability available.


Web www.swisscryp.com