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Thursday, 1st of March

·         09.45 — Accreditation of participants
·         10.30 — Opening ceremony
·         11.00 — Newest effective technologies of remote mineral prospecting
                         Mr. Sergey Aziukovskiy, Technical Director Nordgas Trading
·         11.20 — Coffee break  
·         11.50 — Round Table 1 "Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy Sources and Traditional Energy - Balance of Power"
                    — The role of Andalusia in the energy transition
                         Mr. Alfonso Vargas Vasquez, President of Association of Renewable Energies of Andalusia (CLANER)
                    — Global trends in the development of the world energy industry
                         Mr. Andrey Avramenko, PhD, associate professor, Department of natural resources and ecology studies, MGIMO University
                    — Development of renewable energy sources by oil and gas companies of the world (Total, Shell, Statoil, Rosneft, Lukoil, and Gazprom)
                         Ms. Kristina Zakharcheva, MGIMO University
                    — Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy Sources, and Hospitality Industry
                         Mr. David Navarro, Lecturer in Finance and Sustainability, Les Roches Marbella Global Hospitality Education
                    — ESCOs: key partners to achieve an energy transition. Spanish ESCO market’s evolution
                         Ms. Elena Gonzalez, Director ANESE, (The National Association of Energy Services Companies)
                    — Discussion
·         13.00 — Showcase "Low-carbon solutions for Climate Change Mitigation: from Kyoto to Paris"
                         Mr. Sergi Cuadrat, Technical Director of Origination and Sustainability Allcot Group
·         13.20 — Showcase "Sudan - new era, new challenges, new options for international Business.
                         RSBC seven years of practical activity and business in Khartoum"
                         Mr. Nikolay Everstov, Chairman of the Russian-Sudanese Business Council Chamber of
                         Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
·         13.45 — Welcome champagne
Friday, 2nd of March
·         10.00 — Accreditation of participants
·         10.15 — What you always wanted to know about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, but have been afraid to ask!
                         Mr. Eduards Baginskis, CEO and owner of How2Agency
·         10.45 — Balkan Blockchain ecosystem and OVOLOS and SocialPolis initiatives
                         Mr. Nikos Bogonikolos, Founder and CEO Aratos Group
·         11.10 — Blockchain technology for climate and energy of smart cities
                         Mr. Alexey Shadrin, Co-founder of DAO IPCI - blockchain infrastructure for climate finance markets,
                         Founder and CEO of Russian Carbon Fund
·         11.30 — Smart Sustainable Сities Aсcelerator and appstore
                         Mr. Maxim Avdeev, Chief business development officer Life.SREDA VC
·         11.45 — Coffee break
·         12.15 — Round table 2 "Experience in applying blockchain technologies and raising funds in startup projects"
                    — Mr. Simon Pearson, Co-founder B21 start up
                    — Blockchain application in the energy sector
                         Mr. Gerard Bel, CEO Klenergy
                    — Participate in Crypto Currencies through Mining and Managed Portfolio Services
                         Mr. Bart Smets, Founder and Chief Operating Officer SwissCryp
                    — Cryptocurrency is the obvious solution to the surplus of the world's money supply
                         Mr. Maksim Akulshin, Co-founder eCoinomic.net
·         13.15 — Presentation of Belarusian High Technology Park
                         Online cpnnection
·         13.30 — Mining of cryptocurrencies and its impact on the environment
                         Mr. Stefano Virgilli, Chief Marketing Officer and Strategy Specialist at Gravitas, ICO consulting Singapore
·         14.00 — Closing statements
·         14.30 — Reception