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Association of Energy Services Companies " ANESE"

The Association of Energy Services Companies (ESCO), ANESE, is a non-profit business platform and, currently, the most representative association in the sector, with nearly 100 associated companies. Its main objective is to develop and structure the ESCO market in Spain in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
Thinking about that structuring, ANESE is committed to its Certified Classification of ESCO’s presented in 2015. It is a classification that responds to the lack of regulations in this regard and the absence of official registration with guarantee.
The activity of ANESE focuses on both public sector and private sector, promoting energy efficiency as an essential value in Spain. The members of the association receive orientation, workshops and information with the aim of contributing to achieve better results in their activities. ANESE is involved in the organization of conferences, seminars and training focused on improving knowledge of Energy Services as the perfect tool to improve energy efficiency.
Today, it is increasingly recognized as a benchmark for Savings and Energy Efficiency and represents the Spanish ESCOs and defends their interests.
Web: www.anese.es