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Medical tourism
The main aim of the company MedTravel is the quick and efficient help to the patients with searching the right medical treatment and specialized physicians in medical institutions in various European countries. MedTravel provides full support of patients, starting from the original inquiry until the return home after the end of treatment, as well as rehabilitation and screening programs. MedTravel guarantees the confidentiality of medical, personal, financial information.
The company MedTravel, headquartered in Riga (Latvia), has an work experience of more than 10 years.
MedTravel provides:
·         Selection of hospital / specialist, depending on the diagnosis or patient’s wishes,
·         Translation of patients treatment request into German / English language,
·         Assistance in the right chose of relevant specialized clinics and physicians,
·     Ancillary service - meeting at the airport, hotel reservation, translation services, ticket booking, organization of excursions, administrative matters
Web www.medtravel.lv