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Thursday, March 23rd
10.00 — Accreditation of participants
10.30 — Opening Ceremony
11.00 — Ekaterina Torkunova, Ph.D. Associate Professor of the Department of European Law at MGIMO:
                Presentation joint university program MGIMO — MIUC
11.15 — Coffee Break
11.45 — Jin-Yung Woo, Adviser on Tourism and Culture to the Secretary-General of UNWTO: 
               Tourism and Culture Partnership for Sustainable Development
11.55 — Luigi Cabrini, Chairman Global Sustainable Tourism Council / GSTC:
               Global Criteria for Sustainable Tourism
12.05 — Tomás de Azcárate y Bang, Chairman Institute for Sustainable Tourism:
              The Sustainable Tourism System
12.15  — Meme del Rio: Heritage, City and Tourism, Responsible Tourism and Quality for Sustainability: The case with Ronda
12.30 — Panel 1
           —        "The quality of agricultural products as a defining component of a sustainable hospitality industry"
Aliyev Ruslan, Ph.D., head of the Department of International Complex Problems of Nature Management and Ecology, MGIMO-University
           —        "Rational use of the natural resource potential in international ecological tourism"
Nikiforov Andrey, Cand. Associate Professor, Department of International Complex Problems of Nature Management and Ecology, MGIMO-University
           —        "Integration of the results of the PGR Secure project into the sphere of the recreational business of Spain"
Kruglova Darya, 1st year student of the Department of Applied Economics and Commerce of MGIMO, studies field: "Ecology and Nature Management"
13.00 — Victor Fernandez Alvarez, Chairman Teexmicron
13.10 — BASS houses – video presentation of bioclimatic architecture
13.15 — Showcase: Allcot, Ignacio Sojo, Managing Sales Director
10.00 — 17.00 — Workshop & Business Meetings
17.00 — Presentation joint university program MGIMO — MIUC and coctail at Marbella International University Center
Friday, March 24th 
10.00 — Panel 2 — Health & Wellness (Presentations)
          —        Dr. Blum Clinic
          —        HM Hospitals
          —        Navarra Health Tourism
          —        Villa Padierna Thermas Hotel Carratraca
11.15 — Coffee Break
11.45 — Panel 2 — Health & Wellness (Presentations)
          —        Xanit Hospital
          —        VIP Adaptation
          —        Sanysol
          —        HC Marbella International Hospital
12.45 — Fernando Fraile García, Director General of ICTE:
               Q de Calidad, Q de Garantía (Spanish Tourist Quality Standards)
13.00 — Evgeniy Selivanov, General Director Communication Group Brighten
                Effective marketing communications for entering foreign markets in the segment of individual tourism
13.10 — Online speech: Ms. Frosso Dimitrakopoulou, Co-editor ECOClub.com
               Pursuing a Second Career in Ecotourism as an Ecolodge Owner: 10 Key Challenges
13.20 — Aurora Mateos, Dean MIUC
13.30 — Closing statement: Juan José González, President CIT Marbella
13.40 — Closing statement: Antonio Carrillo Alcalá, Secretary-General CEA
13.50 — Closing statement: Peter DeBrine, UNESCO
14.00 — Closing cocktail 


13.00 — 17.00 — Workshop & Business Meetings 

Saturday, March 25th
9.00 — Sustainable Tourism in Practice


          — The case of Ronda — Trip for Professionals