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On November, 16th, 2010 The Academic council of Moscow State Institute of International relations took a decision to establish a department of ecology and natural recourses studies within the framework of the International Institute of energy policy and diplomacy. The Centre for Environment and natural resources studies was established at that time.
The goal of the Department and the Centre are to provide systematic teaching and research in the areas of natural recourses and international aspects of environmental policy. The department’s major is ecology and natural recourses studies.
The principal areas of teaching and research are:
— economic aspects of natural recourses management and environmental protection;
— multilateral institutions and international regulation in the areas of natural resources management and ecology;
— issue of energy efficiency and energy saving;
— management in the sphere of environmental protection, complex development of territories and marketing of territories.
The establishment of the department in Moscow State Institute of international relations meets the imperatives of our times and is an event of great significance. Firstly, the ecological aspect of international relations is a very promising but poorly studied field. Secondly, demand for specialists in environmental issues is growing. Thirdly, the advancement research in ecology will contribute to a more effective implementation of the internalization strategy of Moscow State Institute of international relations.
For the first time in the history of Moscow State Institute of international relations such courses as organic chemistry or landscape management are taught. Good grounding in natural science, in-depth knowledge of nature’s mechanisms and the ability to assess anthropogenic impact and measures to reduce it, along with knowledge of foreign languages would enhance graduates chances on job market. Faculty and staff of the department are doing their utmost to make the study process useful and interesting. In 2015 the first graduation of bachelors of ecology and natural recourses management will be made.
The main activities of the Centre for Ecology and Nature Management in the implementation of Russian and international projects includes:
-       Expert and analytical activities;
-       scientific research;
-       professional education;
-       consulting services
In addition, the department and the centre also aim to devote attention to attracting investments in ecological projects. Faculty and staff of the department participate in international and Russian conferences on environmental issues and exchange experience with foreign colleagues in the area of environmental protection and natural resources management.
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