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CCBLR conference in Brussels


November, 5, 2015 the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce for Russia and Belarus (CCBLR) - permanent partner of InterEcoForum - holds roundtable "Organic farming: international development prospects". The round table will be held with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation.
CCBLR invites experts from Russia, Belarus and the Benelux countries, with developments in the fields of construction of livestock farms with sewage treatment facilities, family farms that are open to exchange experience, discuss the benefits of resource-saving technologies and prospects of development of joint international projects. The round table will be held with the support of relevant regional ministries of Benelux, Russia and Belarus. Co-organizers from the Belgian side are such professional associations as "Wagralim", "Boerenbond", "Vlam", "Afsca-Favv", centers for the study of problems in the field of ecology and nature protection Gembloux and Liege, Minsk State University, as well as consulting Agency "Cercle Kondraftieff".
The main topics of the round table are:
1. The modern bio-technology.
2. Resource-saving technologies in modern agriculture: international experience in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry.
3. Interaction of national economies: the practice of import substitution of food and industrial raw materials of organic origin.
4. Preparation of the participation of Western European companies in the "V InterEcoForum" (Marbella, Spain, March 2016).
Date and time: November 5 from 10.30 to 15.30 hours.
Place in Brussels will be determined later.
For more information, please call
+32 473 94 86 32 55 / + 32 487 888 146