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The Andalusian Association of Promoters and Producers of Renewable Energy (APREAN Renewable) was born as a necessity to coordinate the action of promoters and production companies of wind power, solar photovoltaic, solar thermoelectric and bio-mass energy.
APREAN Renewable works as a negotiator/speaker with the Autonomic, Central and Local Administration and with any public or private organization. Its main objective is to represent, coordinate and defend the common professional, economic and business interests of its members and to work as an instrument to participate in the development of the general policy and especially energy and environmental policies.
APREAN is a member and takes an active role in the Wind Power Companies Association (AEE) and in the Andalusian Business Confederation (CEA). Moreover, it has arranged a collaboration agreement  with the Renewable Energies Promoters Association (APPA) to strengthen the representation of promoters of renewable energy in Andalusia and Spain.
Currently, the Association is composed of a hundred regional, national and international companies representing more than 95% of the activity in this field.
It provides its members with all the information related to legislation, subventions, studies and information regarding this field as well as training to employees.
Web www.aprean.com