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International Consortium "Joint Initiative"

One of the key activities of the International Consortium "Joint Initiative" is the investment, attracting of innovative projects and assist in their implementation, the implementation of new technologies. As part of the Consortium has been created the Commission on Innovation and Investment, which is engaged in the selection of promising projects, the protection and promotion of products, services and technologies of partner companies.
One of the providing services is to assist in raising capital. The consortium offers cooperation in the already selected projects and is ready to consider best available offers and place free information about innovation and investment projects.
Another important focus of the association is consulting activities, namely financial advice to companies in the real sector of the economy, the search and application of co-investment schemes.
A wide network of partners in Russia, Ukraine, China, Korea, USA, Spain and etc. allows to quickly respond to changes in the field of scientific and technical progress, finance, investment and interaction of investors, owners of investment projects, banking institutions and public authorities in order to financing and implementation of projects.
Web: www.i-consortium.ru