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Mercasa is a public company of the State Administration, whose shareholders are the State Industrial Holdings Company (SEPI) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, through the Spanish Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF).
Mercasa provides public service to the whole food chain, especially in the wholesale supply of fresh step through Mercas network; but also facing the agricultural and fisheries production, facilitating the wholesale marketing from home; retail trade in all formats, to independent or organized catering, and business social restoration.
Mercasa has promoted and managed by the respective municipalities Mercas network, which has 23 Food Units, large complexes of wholesale distribution and logistics services, covering all Spanish geography.
As a public company, Mercasa is a part of the State Holding Company, an entity of public law, whose activities are in accordance with private law, under the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, reporting directly to the Minister.
Web: www.mercasa.es