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    Sergey Krupnov

    Sergey Krupnov - Director SpainGrupo 

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    Mr. Vasiliy Zakharyashchev Russian Agrarian Union

    Member of the Presidium of the Russian Agrarian Union   Тhe most massive public organization "The Union of Gardeners of Russia", more than 60 millions of participants. The company's mission is to provide food security of Russia, providing organic products of high quality grown without the use of chemical...

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    Ms. Maria Teresa Ruiz de la Rosa, SEAE

    Agricultural Technical Engineer The Spanish Society of Ecological Agriculture.     The Spanish Society of Ecological Agriculture is formed to unite the efforts of farmers, technicians, scientists and others, aimed at developing sustainable agricultural production systems based on ecological and...

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    Mr. Miguel Angel Diaz Yubero

    Responsible for International Relations in Campofrío (1989-1992);  Food Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture (1992-1994);  CEO of Grupo Leche Pascual and CEO of Cooperación Valley of the Pedroches -COVAP- (1999-2011); Finally, held Chair in Social Economy and Cooperatives of...

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    Mr. Valentin Almansa

    Director General of Health of the Agricultural Production, Ministry of Agriculture of Spain

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    Mr. Igor A. Zolkin

    Trade Representative of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Portugal. Trade and Economic Departament of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Portugal. The Embassy of Russia (as the successor to the USSR) operates in Portugal since 1975. The main function of the Embassy is representation...