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    Summary III Interecoforum Marbella: day 1.

    The first day of III Eco Forum Marbella has come to the end. Brainstorming, discussions, proposals and analysis can describe as bright, according to the guests and the expectations. The day opened at 11 am with the words of Anna Solod, director of InterEcoForum, who welcomed the participants and gave the word to Eduard...

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    Summary III Interecoforum Marbella: day 2 - closure.

    Agriculture, at the crossroads of sustainable development and their future prospects, has been under discussion at the III International EcoForum in Marbella. The second day paid special attention to the meat industry and livestock, among other items of value from the Spanish food industry. During a roundtable with Miguel...

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    The results of the III InterEcoForum

    On 12 and 13 of March, 2015 in Marbella, Spain hosted the III InterEcoForum. The topic of the Forum "Sustainable agriculture. International development prospects" is very relevant today for all participating countries. Opening ceremony was held on March 12 by director of InterEcoForum Anna Solod who thanked all participants...